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To all the wonderful members of this community,

It has been a fantastic 3 years in this community but unfortunately, I must announce that I am closing it down. There are many wonderful music communities on LJ that you can join and I sincerely hope that you all continue to share music but also buy music to support all the amazing musical artists out there.

Many thanks to all the mods and members who have ever helped out with the community. We never could have made it this far without all your help. I will not be deleting the community so that the more recent posts still have an opportunity to share their music, but no more posts will be approved into the community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by commenting if you have any questions or comments. All the very best in the future to all of you,

Chocolate Covered Cherries <3
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Jesus Jackson & Joe Purdy

Specific Song Requests:

Artist: Joe Purdy
Song Name(s): Can't Get It Right Today
Album: You Can Tell Georgia
Comments: I've had this song in my head for quite a while.

Artist: Joe Purdy
Song Name(s): You Can Tell Georgia
Album: You Can Tell Georgia
Comments: Such a beautiful song!

Artist: Jesus Jackson
Song Name(s): Running on Sunshine
Album: -
Comments: I am not quite sure if this is by Jesus Jackson or Snow Patrol or someone entirely different. I heard the song on Grey's and I'm in love with it!

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