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*teh music

the music recommendations community!

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Please see the community post for more information.

teh info*

Welcome to *teh music, the LJ community for music recommendations! This is the best place to discover new bands, find songs by your fave artists and share music. If you have any questions, please read the FAQ first, and if your question is not answered, feel free to contact us through our email address, teh.music [at] gmail.com


01) No non-music-related posts (recommendations, requests and playlists only). Filling requests from a playlist allows you the option to request up to 10 songs in your post. For music recommendations and music requests, you must copy one of the forms provided below:

*music recommendations
Please note that the first FOUR fields of the form are mandatory. If you are going to put "Recommended to: everyone" or leave the last three fields blank, please do not include them in your post!

*music requests
for EVERY music request, you MUST post a recommendation! -- excluding vague requests, which require at least 2 recs.

02) This community is for sharing SINGLE songs. Up to half an album is allowed to be recommended/requested at a time (this includes playlists).
03) Don't direct-link to any files unless they are on your own personal server.
04) Community promos are not allowed.
05) As mentioned above, if you choose to request a song, you must recommend one for every song requested. Vague requests ("Any songs by The Thrills other than Saturday Night and Our Wasted Lives") must include at least two recommendations.
06) More than 3 recommendations/requests must be behind an

All posts coming into this community must be approved by a moderator, so if it does not follow the rules, then it will not be approved.


*maintainer and head moderator - Emily, outtathaway

Mandy, mandyesque
Heather, angelich
Devin, devianna
Arin, tune

Special thanks to ardenal for six months of paid time, and emmyfic, supaflygal and auguris for two months of paid time! Paid time allows us to fully customize the layouts, fully incorporate the usage of tags and make everything more accessible for the members. Donations are always welcome and much appreciated :)

Thanks to faceon for her coding help.



We are only affiliating with Livejournal communities that do not share full albums. Please contact us at our email if you are interested.

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Teh Music does not promote or encourage the sharing of illegal, copyrighted files. Should any members choose to participate in file-sharing, the members bear full responsibility and liability. Teh Music does not claim responsibility for any of the members, the files obtained, and their activities.